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Miss Punk-Chewation to the rescue

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About the author

Pamela Stainton has worked in the field of Education throughout her working life as a classroom teacher and later as a Reading Recovery and Literacy Support teacher.

Originally from Inglewood, Taranaki she now resides in Wellington (Te Whanganui-a-Tara), New Zealand.

She thinks that all learning should be fun and says that it was also fun to do the illustrations as well as the text.

Pamela hopes to publish other books and has many ideas already.

About Welltara

Pamela was wondering what she could call her new publishing business.
“Miss Punk” just didn't sound right, so she put her two homes (Wellington and Taranaki) together and came up with Welltara which sounded just right.


Author and illustrator Pam Stainton has been teaching literacy to young children for most of her career. This delightful book, filled with colourful and quirky characters, takes a new approach to using everyday punctuation. Appropriate for children of all ages, it is a fun and useful way to learn the basics.

C McCarthy
Marsden Primary


Thank you Pam, what a refreshing way to introduce young children to basic elements that make up a sentence. My Year 1 class really enjoyed Miss Punk and her naughty alphabet, they especially loved Mr Exclamation Mark who was yelling all over the page!

Charlotte Manthel ( Year 1 teacher)

Pamela has created a great little story that clearly explains, step by step, why letters need to be used with a few rules to keep them in line and help the reader. Pamela’s experience of working with children clearly shows through the colourful character of Miss Punk-Chewation.

Louise Gusterson, Teacher
Crofton Downs Primary


“What a fun and interesting story to engage young readers into an understanding of the conventions of written language.”

Julia Beresford

Miss Punk-Chewation to the Rescue is a fun-filled book that will delight children of all ages. Teachers and parents alike can use the story to to expressly teach grammar rules or just enjoy the story.

Toby Stokes


Pamela Stainton, 9 John Witton Drive, Crofton Downs, Wellington 6035

Email: info@welltara.co.nz